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Welcome to Dobie + Rollins Orthodontics

We thank you so much for visiting our new website, and we hope you find it both informative and fun. At DR Orthodontics, we recognize that the smiles we help create come from more than just treatment alone. Smiles come from braces, for sure - but they also happen when we experience this process together with the shared values of friendship and humor. So when we say "Love Your Smile", it's not just an informally worded compliment. It is an invocation to all of you to embrace and improve the smile that you show to the world around you, and to reflect the caring and fun we experienced doing this together.

To ask someone to love their smile is also to educate them on how it can be improved with orthodontics, how it is kept healthy with proper care, and how it should be protected during sports and other activities. If all we did were straighten teeth, our mission would be incomplete. The people we know who love their smiles the most don't just smile with their teeth - they smile from within. Those smiles? They're the ones that bring us the most joy.

Here at DR Orthodontics, we do our very best to accomplish these goals every day, and we thank you in advance for the honor of caring for your smile!

Dr. Thomas Dobie
Dr. Douglas Rollins

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