meet dr thomas dobie

Meet Dr. Thomas Dobie

Dr. Thomas Dobie is a board certified Orthodontist who started his dental training at LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a dental student, he was a member of the C. Edmund Kells Honorary Society, which only inducted students that were in the top 10% of their dental class who had also distinguished themselves both academically and clinically.

After dental school, Dr. Dobie was accepted into the Orthodontic program at the University of Connecticut. In the field of Orthodontics, UConn is considered to be one of the most prestigious programs in the world, with both past and present faculty that have established themselves as pioneers in the field. During his 3-year residency, he was exposed to all aspects of Orthodontics from early intervention to comprehensive Orthodontics; he even studied combined surgical Orthodontics. The project he worked on for his Master of Dental Science degree focused on novel approaches to accelerate Orthodontic tooth movement. His research and his clinical expertise have molded Dr. Dobie into not simply a well-rounded clinician, but also a practitioner who is highly focused on an efficient bio-mechanical approach to treatment.

Dr. Dobie's pursuit of higher education began at the Pennsylvania State University where he was awarded his Bachelor of Science. Following this, he obtained his Master of Science in Pharmacology from the Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans – a degree he was able to complete despite the interruption of Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Dobie, a native of the northeast coast of England, has lived in three countries throughout his lifetime and was exposed to many cultures throughout his childhood. Growing up in a family with a father who is more than just a clinician in the medical profession but also a life-long researcher and professor, Dr. Dobie has always been exposed to the importance of a life oriented around both academic and professional excellence. He loves to treat his patients and provide them with the best possible care. Dr. Dobie has a personality that helps his patients to feel at ease in the dental chair. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, skiing, and most importantly spending time with family and friends.