Accelerated Invisalign

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Fast in Five Minutes

VPro+ is a simple, easy-to-use at-home tool for improved Invisalign success. Worn for only five minutes a day, the high-frequency vibration device is designed to compliment your Invisalign treatment by reducing overall treatment time.

Using this device daily before bedtime allows the aligners to be changed on a weekly basis without compromising how well they fit around the teeth. Patients also report a decreased level of discomfort during orthodontic treatment.

Vpro+ device
Teeth Aligners
Invisalign treatment device
High-frequency vibration device



  • 5-Minute Daily Wear Time
  • Reduces Orthodontic Discomfort
  • Reduces Invisalign Treatment Times
  • Waterproof Device
  • Wireless Charging
  • Patient Mobile App
Invisalign Treatment


Invisalign aligners


Is the VPro+ supposed to be used while wearing Invisalign aligners?

Yes, patients should wear their Invisalign aligners while using the VPro+.

Does treatment go even faster if you use the device more than once a day?

No, it has been shown that using it once a day is enough.

Should you use the device in the morning or at night?

The ideal time to use the device is when you are planning to keep the aligners in consistently for the longest period of time. For most people this is right before bed time. The aligners should not be removed after using the device until the following morning.

Is it necessary to wear your elastics while using the VPro+?

No, it is not necessary to wear your elastics while using the VPro+. You should

How much pressure should be applied when using the VPro+?

Patients should bite down gently on the mouthpiece during use. There is no need to bite down harder than as needed to support the device in the mouth.