braces for teens

Braces for teens

Most patients get their braces between the ages of 11 and 15, as most permanent teeth have grown in by this time. Spacing, crowding, bite problems and alignment are also easily detected at this age. We here at dobie + rollins orthodontics look forward to helping teens maximize their oral health, boost their self-confidence, and learn to live by our motto: Love Your Smile!

it’s all about timing!

Start planning early – Starting orthodontic treatment during a teen’s growth spurt can be critical in obtaining more ideal outcomes, especially when trying to correct overbites. The longer you wait to start, the more difficult it will be to obtain the same beautiful result. Coming up with an ideal timeline is one of the biggest reasons we love meeting children way before they are ready to get started. The earlier we get to see them in their development, the easier it is to plan ahead. Every child is different!

benefits of teen braces

Giving your teen braces means so much more than just a healthy, beautiful smile. Straighter teeth leads to more confidence and very often more success in school, work and a lifetime of success. Correcting their bite also contributes to clearer speech and more ideal wear of their teeth throughout their lifetime. There are many orthodontic issues that simply cannot be corrected once the patient has stopped growing, and for this reason orthodontic treatment during the teenage years is much less complicated than waiting till adulthood.

teen bracesbraces are more fun than you think

The newer styles of braces are more comfortable and stylish compared to what most parents remember from their childhood. Technology has come a long way over the years allowing for braces to be much smaller and a lot less painful! Smaller braces and advanced wire technology means they are easier to clean, less noticeable, more comfortable and they work a whole lot faster too. We also incorporate fun colors with the braces we offer as well. Kids nowadays want to show them off rather than try and hide them. This means the colors of their braces can be customized at every appointment. If they would rather hide them, we also have options for that, but we think bright colors are the way to go!

types of braces for teens

  • Traditional Braces – Most teens these days are excited to get their braces and choose metal braces. They are the smallest, most comfortable, and the most cost effective option. They also allow for having as much fun with colors as possible, or opting for a more conservative all silver look.  Either way, they can change things up at every visit!
  • Clear Braces – Some teens prefer to hide things a little more. This is often the case when orthodontic treatment has been delayed a little due to waiting on some permanent teeth to erupt. Instead of the braces being metal, they can be tooth-colored instead which allows for them to blend in very well. Clear braces are just as effective as metal braces, but with the added benefit of less patient cooperation as compared with Invisalign.
  • Invisalign – Our most hidden and cosmetic option is Invisalign Teen! We are excited to offer this treatment option for highly motivated teenagers that wish to straighten their teeth but also want to hide their treatment as much as possible. The results from Invisalign can be just amazing as braces, but it does require more dedication. Invisalign does provide the added benefit of not interfering with eating, which is great for teens that don’t want any diet restrictions during treatment. It is also a great option for kids that play a lot of sports or have a very busy school schedule because orthodontic appointments are less frequent.

treatment time in braces

The length of time teens wear braces varies greatly because it depends on several factors. How early we are able to catch the problem and plan accordingly often effects treatment time the most, along with how complicated the bite is, and how willing they are to follow directions with wearing elastics. It also depends on how their teeth respond to treatment. Most teens fall into the 12 – 18 month category, but not everyone is that lucky!

cost of braces

The cost of braces will vary based on the type of braces, how long expected treatment time is, and a host of other individual factors. We understand the importance of keeping the cost of your treatment within an affordable range for you, and thus we will work with you to help make this a possibility. We always offer in-house financing (no interest charged to you) to all of our patients, and we will work with you to come up with a payment plan that will work with your budget.

If you have any questions about teen treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (203) 288-0900.