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Traditional braces



KLOwen Custom Metal Braces

The metal braces that we offer are very different to the metal braces many people remember from years ago. Technology has come a long way over the years, allowing the braces to be smaller in size and thinner in profile. Due to their overall reduced size, they are easier to keep clean, much less noticeable and also more comfortable to wear. Taking this technology a step further, each patient will have their teeth digitally scanned using one of the latest iTero 5D scanners which will allow us to create a custom 3D treatment plan just for your smile. This digital scan provides the detailed information about your teeth that we will use to design custom braces to be fabricated and delivered using custom 3D-printed indirect bonding trays. This new technology allows for a custom prescription to be created just for you, resulting in a more efficient orthodontic journey. Plus, we also have new heat-activated wires that use your body heat to help teeth move less painfully than in the past. Every time you come in for an appointment you will always have the option to customize the color of your braces that day. Whether you want to hide your braces or show them off with fun bright colors, either way the choice is up to you!



Clear braces



KLOwen Custom Clear Braces

Not everyone is as excited about metal braces as we are, so we offer another option that is much less noticeable than metal braces. Custom clear braces can be designed just for you using the same amazing technology as our custom metal braces. This is a great option for patients who would like to straighten their teeth, but are hoping to hide them as much as possible in everyday life. Clear braces work the exact same way metal braces do, however they are made of a different material that matches the color of your teeth. We will use the same custom 3D-printed indirect bonding trays and utilize the latest technology in wires to get you to the finish line as efficiently, and as pain free as possible. Clear braces are a great option for teenagers and adults looking for a cosmetic option, but feel that Invisalign is just not right for them.







One of the biggest reasons that people choose to not correct their smile is the fear that their only option is wearing braces. Even though clear braces are much less noticeable compared to metal braces, they still require brackets and wires and for many adults this is a huge inconvenience. We are happy to say that braces are not your only option and that dobie revolution orthodontics is now a VIP Diamond Invisalign provider! Invisalign is an amazing alternative that can accomplish the same outcome as braces as long as you are dedicated at wearing them. We use the same iTero 5D scanners that we use for creating custom braces to capturing the shape of your teeth and how they fit together. Invisalign then works by using a series of clear plastic removable trays (also known as aligners) that are custom made just for you. These aligners are created with an individualized treatment plan which gradually straightens your teeth as you wear them over time. Not only will most people not even notice that you are wearing them, but your result will be just as beautiful in the end.